Captain Beau Weber

A young guide who loves to chase both trout and reds. A versatile captain who can do it all and catch 'em all 365 days a year.

Co-Owner Captain James Wilson

Although a good red fisherman, his passion for those Yellowmouth, head shakers makes him one of the finest Speckled Trout fisherman in Lafitte.

Captain Lane Zimmer

Our newest team member, Capt. Lane is an awesome trout fisherman but always willing to chase reds as well. He will work hard to put you on the fish of your choice!

Co-Owner Captain Mike Helmer

Capt. Mike can see Redfish 3-foot under water. Sometimes he can tell you how many spots they have on them. He is a hardworking fisherman and won't be satisfied until you catch your share of reds, specks and a few flounder as bonus fish.

Captain Bart Cimo

From Delacroix to Lafitte, fish fall prey to this determined captain. He knows the water like the back of his hand and has many seasons under his belt. His experience shines through with great catches and satisfied customers time after time.

Captain Mike Juhasz

Super nice guy who loves to chase those hard-fighting Redfish. Capt. Mike has 10 years of experience as a guide and it shows with happy clients and full coolers trip after trip!

Captain Phil Robichaux Experts - Fishing Captains